Does it matter what slot ram goes in

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Does it matter what slots you put ram into? Discussion in 'Memory' started by V4oLDbOY, Aug 13, 2010. Aug 13, 2010 #1. V4oLDbOY Gawd . Messages: 738 Joined: Feb 3, 2008. I want to get a 2x2gb ddr3 kit. But I have an aftermarket HSF and thus cannot use ram that has heatsinks on it as its too tall to fit under the HSF. But can I just move them ... Motherboard RAM slots? colors? | Yahoo Answers I have acquired a Gigabyte motherboard cheap & note there are 2 blue RAM slots & 2 white, & was wondering if I use only 1(one) 4GB RAM chip does it matter what color slot it goes into. thanks. Does it matter which slots the RAM goes in? | Tom's ...

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does it mattter which slot my memory ram goes in? | Yahoo ... 1) Both RAM sticks are compatible with the computer, and 2) Your computer is capable of handling 2 GB of RAM Then it doesn't matter which RAM goes in which slot. If your computer can only take one gig of RAM, then you'll need to take the gig stick back and buy two 512s.

Now that we have RAM modules capable of up to 4266MHz, we need to find out... does high speed RAM ACTUALLY make a difference? Tunnelbear sponsor link: Try Tu...

Zenith Ram slot and 1950x CPU question. - ROG - Asus Dec 3, 2017 ... My question is does it matter in which slot I put them? ... Zenith RAM issue (Ram is on QVL)and Raid 1 question ... Just make sure you observe the difference and don't try jamming it in if it won't go, the covered DIMM socket ... Does Motherboard Size Matter? - NZXT - NZXT - BLOG

Dec 13, 2006 · I upgraded my ram, i have a 512 and a gig, does it matter which ram goes in which slot? Follow . 6 answers 6. Report Abuse. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? With most motherboards, you have to install the first stick of memory in slot 1, and the second in slot 3. Colden · 1 decade ago . 0. ... you're ok no matter which slot ...

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