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Patch v44 - Patch Notes - Vendetta Gaming Network Forums Increased the width of the players bank from 10 items wide to 15 items wide. Increased the size of the Guild Warehouse from 40 slots to 100 slots in each Warehouse. Increased the amount of pets allowed to be bound from 10 to 30. Added "47-Slot Backpack Expansion". Added level 120 Corona's Essence, Stardust and Heartflame. Sold - S>Edeneternal Account Lvl. 95 ( Human Male ...

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Each character has their own bank space for storage. This is referred to as your "Bank". You can access your bank at anytime in the Aven.. Much like your own backpack, the bank space can be expanded by adding additional bags. however, before you can equip another bag, you must first rent out an additional bank slot to place the bag in.

Replace 16 Slot Backpack Wow - magasinetharmoni.no

Eden Eternal Account for sale, Server: Garnet. 08/24/2011 - Trading - 2 Replies Hello people, as i'm moving on to other game. i'll be selling my eden eternal account here's are the infos you guys might wanna look at, feel free to ask me any questions after that. Server: Garnet. 2 Character; 1 Male 1 Female. Eden Eternal Player Housing feature - MMOPet Players on Eden Eternal who reach level 35 can take part in the player housing feature that allows them to have their own private space in the game. Although instead of actually owning the houses, players are required to rent them out, costing them 52 gold at level 35, but with each level after level 35, the price of rent goes up by + 500 silver. Question about 5-slot backpacks and 10-slot fusion scrolls ... Hello everyone. just wanted to make sure im not doing something wrong here but it seems like the only 5-slot backpascks that i can use for the fusion scroll for a 10-slot backpack are the ones u purchase with AP. Which means any 5-slot backpacks u get during quests and loyalty points will not work ... Replace 16 Slot Backpack Wow - magasinetharmoni.no