Nonlinearity of optimized silicon photonic slot waveguides

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Request PDF on ResearchGate | Nonlinearity of optimized horizontal slot waveguides | In this theoretical study, we show that the use of optimized horizontal silicon photonic slot waveguide Optimized nonlinear SOI slot optical waveguides The importance of exploring nonlinear effects in Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) slot optical waveguides is discernible from the facts that, it is CMOS technology compatible, thus ensuring low-cost large-scale integration, moreover, this structure of optical waveguides mingle the advantages of both silicon and silica to explore the promising Highly-Nonlinear Silicon Photonics Slot Waveguide

One-dimensional photonic crystal slot waveguide for silicon-organic ...

Nonlinearity of optimized silicon photonic slot waveguides: Authors: Muellner, Paul; Wellenzohn, Markus; Hainberger ... DOI: 10.1364/OE.17.009282: Bibliographic Code: 2009OExpr..17.9282M: Abstract Not Available Bibtex entry for this abstract Preferred format for this abstract (see Preferences) Find Similar Abstracts: Use: Authors: Title: Return ... Optical properties of highly nonlinear silicon- organic ... with two different silicon-organic hybrid waveguide s. It is found that silicon wire waveguides have a high nonlinearity parameter of up to 300000 (Wkm) , but are limited by the silicon figure of merit FOM 0.38 0.17 TPA . In silicon waveguides two-photon absorption creates a One-dimensional photonic crystal slot waveguide for ... ) of 100 nm. The 1D PC slot waveguide sits on top of a silicon dioxide layer and is covered with EO polymer (SEO 125 Soluxra, LLC., n 1.63). Figure 2(a) shows the simulated photonic band dia- gram of the quasi-transverse-electric (TE) modes of the 1D PC slot waveguide using the 3D plane-wave expansion method. Nonlinearity of optimized horizontal slot waveguides ...

In this work, we propose novel schemes to design on-chip ultra-compact optical directional couplers (DC) and broadband polarization beam splitters (PBS) based on off-centered and asymmetric dielectric slot waveguides, respectively. Slot dimensions and positions are optimized to achieve maximum coupling coefficients between two symmetric and non ...

Slot-waveguide - Wikipedia Hybrid slot (having vertical slot in one waveguide and horizontal slot in the other)^ C.A. Barrios, “Ultrasensitive nanomechanical photonic sensor based on horizontal slot-waveguide resonator,” IEEE Photon.“Optical sensing by optimized silicon slot waveguides," Optics Express, vol. 15, Issue 8... Nonlinear optical interactions in silicon waveguides... The strong nonlinear response of silicon photonic nanowire waveguides allows for the integration of nonlinear optical functions on a chip.However, the nonlinearity of a waveguide is even better quantified by its nonlinear parameter y. Its real part is given by